“Duduma Bags” are the work of a master craftsman. They are created by using the highest quality fabrics and the best materials. Each bag from this brand is like a work of art, encompassing both classical elegance and oriental mystery. Playing with contrasts, form, texture and colours with great virtuosity, Gundega interprets each bag in an endless variety of variations, working geometric patterns, symbols and flower motifs into the design. The decoratively rich palette of ornamentation achieved by combining plain and patterned fabric is embellished by opulent finishings – “Swarovski” crystals, pearls, tassels, fringing, colourful feathers and metallic elements. A “Duduma Bag” is an excellent accessory that provides a stunning accent to an overall look, complementing an evening gown, costume or jeans and a t-shirt, alike. “Duduma Bags” – universal beauty.

2014 |
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